Appreciation | Not all furniture is called D&U

Mon Jul 18 2022 TengYe

your home

You decide!


The home is not what they say it is,

but what you see it as.


01/ embellishment on flower buds

azure bunny

Relief ancient lamp

Rocket coffee table

Only the figurative you love

can be so moving


Poetry and painting

Decorate your home carefully

Like morning dew on a flower bud



light and delicate

bouncing around

Cute in the forest to store at home

Spirituality like poetry

Into the mirror and become a picture scroll

02/ Lazy like a cloud, leisurely like a dream

Annoying things should be put aside

prepare fruit, tea

Even if curled up all day

Home is not stressful



go around

The heart always has an expansion

place to place


block the wind

like a cloud like a dream

All good things are blooming

Waiting for you to taste gently

Let the stage lights go away temporarily

03/Embrace with the wind and meet D&U

among indifferent people

need more attention

D&U never ignores your enthusiasm

also accommodate your weirdness



Golden Wind Yulu


D&U is here for you


have love

to enjoy the dream

create for you

Every minute is only you

love in hug

not within limits

Focus on life

to go to the cloud

Dreaming of a star

D&U Design

Global designer co-branding

Designed for you

Appreciation | Not all furniture is called D&U